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Freelance Android Developers, Developing and Supporting systems created in all versions of Android
Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat

My name is Dennis McDermott, I have brought together a team of highly experienced Freelance Android Developers who specialise in the creation of sophisticated yet simple Android Applications for your business, we can develop Android applications of all levels of complexity, from simple one task apps to applications that interface with the internet and provide real business solutions. We can develop your Android application to fit in with your company branding.

We develop bespoke tailor-made Android Applications that can grow with your enterprise and your budget. We are able to operate on a fixed-price, fixed-timescale basis so you know from the start exactly what you will receive for what price, enabling you to be firmly in control of your Android Development budget.

With over 25 years’ experience in the computer industry, I can quickly and expertly analyse your business and discuss a way forward in creating an Android Application solution for your company.
We are ready to create a stunning Android Application for your business, please browse the website, perhaps take a look at some of our Android Applications and when you are ready, contact me and the team

Why hire us as your Android specialists?
Why hire us as your Android specialists?

A Difficult Decision
It's a difficult decision trying to determine who is best placed to provide you with a professional Android Development service, there are many Android Developers who do not have sufficient real-world experience, and here I would like to present a brief summary of the reasons why I believe you should select me and my team to undertake your Android Application Development.

What areas of business do I cover?
I have created systems to help businesses in many sectors, for example I have developed systems to computerise and streamline the following; Order Processing, Manufacturing Control, Project Tracking, Job Tracking, Invoice Production, (CRM) Customer Relationship Management, Property Management, Custom Pricelist Creation.

So as you can see, it really does not matter what line of business you are in, I can help.

Our team comprises experienced Android Application Developers. I personally have been developing Database systems since 1980 and have run my own freelance software consultancy and development business since 2001.

I am skilled in all aspects of software development, quickly gaining an understanding of your business, writing specification documents in plain language. Programming, testing, and installation.

I have undertaken development of commercial applications for many companies from small independent enterprises to large blue chip companies such as GEC Marconi and Canon. I have worked with companies in various sectors, including Manufacturing, Medical, Retail, Property and Services.

Clear Speaking
I pride myself on my ability to discuss technical topics in a clear non-technical manner, I work with clients very different levels of technical knowledge, from those that are not sure what a well developed Android application can achieve for their business, to those that have a knowledge of developing Android applications themselves, but perhaps need assistance with a specific problem area where they have less experience.

Cost Effectiveness
What does it cost to have an Android Application Developed
How are we Cost Effective?
You can hire us on an hourly basis, or on a firm fixed price for a project, we monitor time spent on your project electronically and only bill for that time.

How do I know what you require from your Android application?
We will discuss your requirements with you, we may well request copies of forms, screens from current systems and general information on the way you do things currently, talk about how you would like your Android application to operate, make suggestions, we will then write a document detailing our comprehension of your Android app requirements to ensure there are no misunderstandings. We will not undertake any development work on your app until you are content we have grasped your needs entirely, thereby ensuring no time and money is wasted due to misinterpretations.

Minimum Disruption to your business
We undertake the development of your application at our own offices, thereby we cause no distraction to your employees.

Why not do it yourself?
Could I do it myself?, I am a programmer or developer?
Perhaps I could do it myself, it can't be that difficult
A good Android application looks very simple, is fast to operate and intuitive.

If you think of an Android application like an iceberg, the part you see as a user is the little part poking above the water, whereas the development and programming that have gone into making the app form the part of the iceberg that sits below the water.

If you understand things like the Java programming language, SDK’s, API’s then you may well be able to tackle a simple Android application yourself, however if you reach the stage where you need professional help it may well be that we would suggest us starting again from scratch, because if you have not built your app on the correct foundations the finished result would never come up to our high standards.

If you know nothing of the things mentioned above, then that’s fine, you don’t need to, that’s for us to understand, so please contact us with your requirements.